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Selling your property is an exciting experience and a highly-profile assignment in a massive market, as Dubai features. It is also a legal transaction best managed by professionals.

Applying for our team assistance you’ll be appointed a single point-of-contact throughout your sale and to give a flavour of what happens, here are general outlines of selling process.

To begin with, it’s necessary to set the right price for your property. A seller might determine it by himself or book market appraisal.

Keeping abreast with the reasons influencing Dubai’s real estate secondary market our agents will qualify your property, advise achievable price and offer selling strategy.

A real estate agent would provide an estimated selling price, that: is reasonable; takes into account the sales prices for the most comparable properties to yours located nearby.

Selling price can be a single price, for example AED 500,000 or a range of up to 10 per cent, for example AED 500,000 – AED 550.000.


To win over buyers’ attention take care about immaculate cleanliness, fresh look and smell of your premises: book cleaning service, refresh the paint on the walls and make repairs if necessary.

As the statistics shows, it takes buyers only 30 seconds to make an opinion about property, so the value of the first impression can’t be underestimated.

Reaching potential buyers do not fear to overpay for promo videos and first-rate photos capturing your property in its very best light.

We agree, that making your home stand out among the tens looking alike is a challenging mission. For that purpose, we have put in place the set of effective marketing tools compiled into 3 combos: Silver, Golden and Diamond to meet different requirements and budgets of the home sellers.

Additionally, we pay scrupulous attention to our web site perfection, making it functional, easy to navigate and facilitated for fast search.

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